January 31, 2015

6 Steps to Lead A Mobile Strategy

Mobile is a buzzword you’re constantly hearing and you want to help advance your company in the mobile space. How do you do that? Here is a simple 6-step strategy to lead your company into mobile:

1. Understand the mobile domain

What is being done? What can be done? Knowing these things will help you apply patterns and capabilities to your specific business. There is an amazing amount of technology overlap in capability across industries and verticals. For example, using a barcode scanner is great in retail, banking, manufacturing, transportation, and many other industries. Knowing these capabilities will help in ideation.

2. Analyze and benchmark your competition

What are others doing? Typically we do not encourage people to just aim for feature parity, but the capabilities of your competition help determine the expectations of your consumers. Knowing what tools your customers, sales team, and partners may be used to for example will help drive user expectations and some of your minimum viable product discussion.

3. Identify the segments of your audience and their goals

Who are you trying to engage and what do they want in their interactions with your company? This is key to delivering solutions to the market that are ideal to the market type. This should include customers, employees, and partners. Look at their demographics as much as possible.

4. Identify your audience’s unique mobile moments

When is your audience grabbing their phone hoping to interact with your company? When do they wish they could have been able to? How can providing a function for an interaction you were not traditionally a part of enhance your brand in your audience’s eyes? Mobile moments are times when people uniquely look to their mobile device to do something in the moment instead of waiting till they can focus for longer or get to a desktop/laptop. Capturing those moments are the best way to engage your audience in unique, powerful, and memorable ways.

5. Ideate and prioritize mobile ideas

Bring in a group of cross-functional business leaders to review the above steps and consider the best ways to engage your audience. Those ideas should cover everything from capabilities that can transform the business interactions to ideas which allow for greater convenience. Those same leaders should then prioritize the ideas based on their business acumen and understanding of their audiences. Give everyone a vote and see which ideas percolate to the top.

6. Evaluate cost and ROI of the various ideas

Finally, all good ideas do not make good business sense. Building solid cost estimates and return on investment (ROI) analysis is key to validating the ideas. While doing this, identify key performance indicators (KPIs) which can help you ensure that your solutions are achieving the desirable engagements and audience reach.

This is a shorter version of the process we lead people through when they are trying to develop mobile strategy. At PointSource, we run mobile strategy sessions to help find the right investments that enable companies to engage with mobile. We bring the mobile expertise and partner with the business to build unique strategies to engage audiences. If you are interested in having us walk you through a mobile strategy session, email us at hello@pointsource.com.


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