Barry Pellas
Barry Pellas
February 2, 2017

Don’t Overlook Content-Driven Commerce

Commerce sites that offer little more than a digital catalog are no longer compelling enough to motivate shoppers to make purchases. Shoppers have a wealth of information at their fingertips and can turn to competitors in a matter of seconds. So why would a shopper make a purchase with your brand if you don’t give them a legitimate reason to do so?

This is where content-driven commerce comes into play.

What is content-driven commerce?

Content-driven commerce enhances the shopping experience by wrapping content around a catalog of items, personalizing them for the user. Got a favorite team or player? The site can track that, but what if you are reading an article highlighting the latest game? Displaying interactive jerseys or shoes that give you a way to connect with the product while reading about how it’s being used is the added layer of engagement that the content-driven commerce experience provides.

Retailers can take this one step further by providing content that is more interactive than a basic blog post or article. Videos and augmented reality (think: a dress superimposed on a shopper’s photo of herself) can offer details about an item that are not possible through traditional online store workflows. To accomplish this, front-ending your commerce engine with a content management system is key to success.

How can content impact your commerce environment?

In traditional commerce environments, a product’s information is largely static: a picture or two, a short description, a long description, pricing, etc. To promote that product, you can create marketing “spots” or promotions. But what if you could change the message of that product to fit in the promotion without ever having to touch the original details about the product itself? This is just one example of where content-driven commerce can come into play. With a CMS fronting your commerce environment, you can augment the product details with content from the promotion weaved in. When the promotion ends, the promotion augmentation is removed and the product goes back to its original state. What you end up with is an end-to-end promotional experience through all products participating.

So what’s the point of all this?

Content-driven commerce can and will increase sales for your business. More than four in five consumers (82 percent) feel more positive about a company after reading custom content, according to the Content Marketing Institute, and 90 percent say they find custom content useful.

What’s more, content-driven commerce can provide retailers with greater flexibility for promotions and cross-selling.

When given a choice between two brands, consumers will choose the one that understands them the most. Invest in a system that powers custom content to show some love to your customers and ultimately generate long-term loyalty and sales.


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