September 16, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Andrea Shipman

Eating pickles to tide us over until our pizza was delivered (#health) turned out to be the perfect time to sit down and chat with Andrea Shipman, one of our Senior Project Managers. We both have little girls close to the same age, so it was a nice opportunity to talk with Andrea about things, not covered in baby food. What follows is a little bit about Andrea, her work, her passions and her perspective.

Andrea described her job as a Sr. PM as “making sure her team has everything that they need to do their job.” Practically, one of the ways this actualizes is by knowing what questions need to be asked and finding out where and how to get answers to those questions. Andrea is like a professional juggler but instead of tossing flaming torches, she juggles schedules, meetings, timelines, deadlines and a host of other crucial logistics.

Currently, she is working on a multi-functional tablet to make checking into healthcare providers easier. One of the exceptional things about this project that Andrea navigates is the additional element of partnering with our client in a very real and tangible way. By having their team onsite daily and co-working near our employees in our office, we are able to foster an environment conducive to cross-departmental and cross-client collaboration. This real-time partnering leads to an empowering of our clients in their areas of growth and the opportunity for our employees to grow in communication and leadership abilities.

The mission statement of PointSource is “Having fun making real change with great people” and one of Andrea’s favorite projects typifies “making real change” perfectly. One of the results of our partnership with Security First Insurance is the Preferred Provider Network app we developed for them. This app allows contractors to receive, review and accept insurance claims for which they can take an estimate. This app helps to organize claims by zip code, proximity to the contractor and has become an invaluable resource for insurance companies and contractors, especially in times after catastrophic events. The ability to speedily and accurately receive, review, adjust and accept insurance claims has helped make real change for people in their time of need.

Outside of work, Andrea fills her life with things that help her mind to settle and defrag. Things, like running, practicing yoga and reading, are incredibly important for her as a Sr. PM and help her to be balanced and focused in and out of work. This love of reading stemmed from being grounded a lot as a kid and having to stay inside (even though her brother also got grounded a lot but he was still able to go outside. She swears she’s not bitter). Her passion for words and grammar has nurtured in her a keen eye for detail, a focus on how things relate together and the ability to discern which questions are crucial to ask in order to navigate complex contexts.

The work/life balance in PointSource culture is one of the things Andrea appreciates most about working here. She knows that she has the full support of her co-workers without fear of any judgment to take care of herself and her family. PointSource prioritizes the needs of our people as employees and persons so that they feel valued, empowered and cared for. Andrea exemplifies this in her ability to not only have fun while working hard but also to work hard at having fun.


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