Adrienne Bryant
Jordan Resendes Employee Spotlight
Adrienne Bryant
March 31, 2017

Employee Spotlight: Jordan Resendes

At PointSource, we have a giant chalkboard wall with everyone’s name written on it. Over the course of a few weeks, PointSource employees wrote (in secret) encouraging things about each person next to their name. Next to Jordan’s name is written: “always happy,” “strong & brave” and “keeps PointSource afloat.” Never without a smile, continuously tackling difficult projects and tirelessly working towards making PointSource special, Jordan Resendes is our Employee Engagement Manager and an essential piece of what makes PointSource so great.

Her role here at PointSource has three main components: recruiting new employees, manager support and employee experience. This role is so important because as Jordan says, “our people are our work.” What she means by this is the type of work and the quality of work produced is owing directly to the type and quality of people that work here. Similar to the adage “the medium is the message,” the product made at PointSource is a specific and unique reflection of our people. Jordan supports our managers and operations team with everything from employee issues to policy creation and implementation. Not only does she support the managers, she also supports the employees by ensuring a positive employee experience. Similar to how Ron Reed as a BA is the voice of and advocate for the client throughout the entire life-cycle of the project, Jordan is the voice of and advocate for the employee for their entire time here. If you apply for a job, she sees your resumè. If you get an interview, you are interviewed by her. If you are onboarded, you are onboarded by her. If you have any issues during your time here, you bring them to her and she creates a solution. If you leave PointSource, she does your exit interview. She is alongside every employee every step of the way making sure they feel represented and cared for.  

What Jordan has worked on that is closest to her heart is the focus on the employee lifecycle and specifically the onboarding process. From the ground up, she developed an onboarding process that highlighted and responded to the felt needs of candidates and employees. She was able to design, develop and implement a process for new hires that takes them from zero to engaged in their first few days. This onboarding plan includes everything from benefits and policies to events and culture. It has proven to be an integral part of new hires finding their sea legs.

Outside of PointSource, Jordan has a passion for cooking, art and fantasy football (even though she finished in 7th place in the PointSource league). Wanting to be an art history major, she was drawn to the art world because of the free and open space for self-expression and authenticity art creates. However, the idea of working in a museum as a curator was less than appealing to her so she concentrated her talents in the field of psychology. My favorite moment in these interviews is when the people I am interviewing share what they are passionate about outside of work and every time, without fail their interests have a direct correlation and impact on their job. The reason Jordan loves art is the same reason she loves PointSource: it’s a free and open space for self-expression and authenticity. PointSource is Jordan’s art museum and the people here are individual paintings that she gets to fight for, preserve and protect.

The one word she uses to describe the culture at PointSource is “authentic.” She has seen firsthand that our people feel free to express themselves, that we genuinely like each other and love working together. PointSource culture has affected her professionally by giving her the freedom and autonomy to create and curate an environment that is unlike any other. This empowerment has helped her to grow professionally and given her a tremendous amount of experience. The culture here has also affected her personally by giving her the freedom and space to be the same person she is outside of work inside the office walls, truly letting her experience her favorite part about PointSource; authenticity.

Jordan works so hard to keep PointSource afloat and always does it with a smile on her face. She tells every new hire that PointSource is a place where “you are free to let your freak flag fly.” So from us to you Jordan, we’re glad it’s your flag leading the charge.


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