Jordan Resendes
Employee Spotlight - Paul Smokovitz
Jordan Resendes
September 8, 2017

Employee Spotlight: Paul Smokovitz

Smoke, Smilevitz, Grumplevitz (my personal favorite), the Peanut Butter AND the Jelly? Whatever the nickname you like to give him there is only one wristband wearing, super doodling, Visual Designer extraordinaire, Paul Smokovitz.

As a Senior Visual Designer with PointSource, he (as he describes) “puts all the pretty faces on all the things,” and “gets to put the cherry on top.” Yes, he makes things beautiful and adds color but he also works very closely with Business Analysts, UX Designers and Developers throughout a project to translate business goals into engaging product solutions. They work together to make sure the design is effective while creating a delightful user experience. Paul describes his role as the peanut butter AND the jelly since they are the step between UX and Development (bread) and advocates for both to create the best solution (sandwich) for the business and the user. Crunchy or smooth? “Depends on the day and how things are going and whether in crunch mode or smooth and moving along at a nice pace.” Grape or Strawberry? “Grape,” (with no hesitation).

In addition to client work, Paul is working closely with our CSS Animation Guild to explore microinteractions which help enhance users’ experience. Right now, they are working on building an animation library to streamline processes by allowing developers to pull assets and only have to make small customizations.

Outside of work, Paul loves to spend time with his kids and take his boys fishing. Paul also stays active by running and boxing (the exercise kind, not the black eye kind). Even at home, he says he is thinking about work but not in a negative way. Because Paul is an artist he is constantly doodling, researching new design trends and thinking of ways to apply them to his current work. When you love what you do it doesn’t have to feel like work.

When asked how or if he is different at home from how he is at work he said, “I am in dad mode at home and kid mode at work.” Well Paul, here’s to having fun, creating real change with great people while being a kid at work!

10 (Random) Questions with Paul Smokovitz

1. Childhood (or adulthood) Nickname
This is a given “Smokey” and later in life “Smoke.” Pretty much most of my family with the last name Smokovitz has some kind of “Smoke” nickname. I also have been called “Grumplevitz” and “Smilevitz,” not thinking you want to use those. LOL!

2. Hidden Talent?
I can juggle. Not juggle multiple projects, real juggle. Mostly 3 tennis balls.

Also, most people I work with do not know I played ice hockey starting at the age of Four. I grew up in Michigan, so it was pretty easy to find ice to skate on. I played AAA hockey through 11th grade and continued off and on after that. I played hockey here in North Carolina up until about two years ago.

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I truly like what I do for a living and working with my PointSource teams. I get paid to be creative and doodle every day, how cool is that? But, someday I would like to just be an “Artist.” Artist as in doing design and artwork for myself and not for a paying client, paying brand, or designing for the user. Pure creativity. Pure art from the soul and not for anyone. If someone likes it great, if not, so be it.

4. What is one thing on your desk or on your person at all times that you can’t live without?
At this time it is my power cord for my phone. I have to keep my phone plugged in all the time because I need a new battery. Sure, I could buy more cords but too lazy to do so. It is super annoying that I can only use my phone for 10 mins before it shuts off.

5. If your life was made into a movie who would play you?
I would play my wife so I could read her mind. If I could just read her mind…. 🙂

6. Who in the office have you not worked on a project with and would like to and why?
Robbie. I’ve worked and talked to him for several years now. We always say one day we will be on a project together. Robbie and I talked about all the cool things we would do when on a project.

7. Android or iPhone?
iPhone, but I have to like Android also. Since I have to design for Android users also.

8. Of the six core values of PS, which do you feel most connected to and why?
“Strive for balance.” When I get focused or committed to something that is all my focus is on. You can not go 200 miles an hour every day, for your engine will burn out. Once you experience burn out a few times you try to find ways to balance yourself.

9. What color crayon would you be and why?
Green Hex code #00c853. Green relates to balance and harmony. Also relates back to the core value, “Strive for balance.” Green is like a balancer of your heart and your emotions. For me, green is something I strive for every day, balance. It is often hard to do when you want to do everything.

10. What’s your favorite thing to do that has nothing to do with work?Taking my boys fishing or exploring the woods. It does not happen often but when we can get out we have a good time. It is also relaxing for me.

We let Paul pick a random question to ask our next Employee Spotlight winner. Be sure to follow our blog to see what he wants to know of his co-workers…


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