Jenna Trunzo
PointSource Value Awards
Jenna Trunzo
April 21, 2017

First Annual PointSource Value Awards

Everywhere we go, we carry an invisible suitcase with us, the contents of which we never have to unpack but instead, remain neatly folded and at our disposal for every trip we take. Inside our luggage, we have room enough for our values, our beliefs and our way of upholding each of those. That bag is pulled along as effortlessly and thoughtlessly as answering to our own name.

1st Annual Value Awards

It’s not unusual to work for a business or company that has its own set of values, but how often is their suitcase the same brand as yours? PointSource operates on six core values that attract candidates because they are so indicative of what makes life enriching both in and out of the workplace. Walk through the doors of PointSource and you’ll see a company of people with aligned values all carrying the same brand, style, and size luggage.

The unity in our values is evidenced by the fact that when PointSource took nominations for our first annual Value Awards, 52 out of 65 employees were nominated for at least one of the values. There were 191 nominations and 98 comments submitted!

The winners were announced at our 1920’s themed event held at Humble Pie in Downtown Raleigh. After drinks and an amazing dinner, but before the Charleston picked up pace and feathers went flying, the following people were recognized for the value that they most exemplify according to their peers:

Be Authentic:  Robbie McAlister
One person commented:
“Robbie is cool. He is himself always. He speaks his mind and has great perspective for agreeing or disagreeing.”

Strive for Balance:  Doel Gonzalez
One person commented:
“Not sure how he does it all, but he does.”

Partner with Each Other & Clients:  Sean Kennedy
One person commented:
“Sean is always helpful when I need to bounce an idea off of him. He’s a great partner to clients and extends his knowledge well beyond the dev team. He’s always positive and is just an all around great person to partner with.”

Live Outside the Box:  John Romano
One person commented:
“He is always bringing ideas to the table, and his unique skill set and ability to communicate and get to the root of everything is so refreshing. He doesn’t change himself or his opinions to fit a mold, but is always open to discussion and collaboration. A great, authentic, smart person to work with.”

Do the Hard Work:  Vic McGlaughlin
One person commented:
“Vic works absurdly hard for our team and always goes above and beyond to make sure every team member and phase of the project is capable of striving forward. (Even when that means lots of overtime or actively working/communicating with the team during his vacations. He selflessly does whatever it takes. Every. Time.)”

Remember to Laugh:  Jordan Resendes
One person commented:
“Jordan has got to be the most upbeat and happiest person at PointSource. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a bad mood, and I think I hear her laughing more than anybody else. Her positive attitude and outgoing personality has a very beneficial effect on everyone around her.”


Overall Mission:  Kristin McPeak
One person commented on her:
“Vigilantly and wholeheartedly does SO MUCH for PointSource and our culture.”

If you feel like your brand of luggage matches ours, take a look at our career opportunities and apply to be part of an amazing company that believes their values are the core of their success.


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