Stephanie Trunzo
PointSource is Joining Globant
Stephanie Trunzo
June 1, 2017

PointSource Is Joining Globant

Today PointSource is a Globant company, joining forces with one of the fastest growing digital transformation companies in the world. Collaboration is at the center of everything we do at PointSource. That collaboration has created our amazing culture and meaningful partnerships with our clients. Now, with the strength of Globant behind us, we will partner to scale this magic and grow the US market together.

PointSource has evolved over a long journey, and to be able to say we have made it to this milestone is a surreal and amazing accomplishment. Every single member of the PointSource team exudes talent and ingenuity. Our clients invite us to partner with them as they change their companies and their industries. And our leaders guide and inspire us through daily trials and major challenges. We are who we are because of who you are.

PointSource has grown organically for 13 years, through many evolutions, with Chris and Kevin Hugill’s leadership. Nearly 5 years ago, starting with the creation of our Raleigh headquarters, PointSource bootstrapped the company you know and love today. At that time, Chris handed me a blank sheet of paper and said, “Draw the organization you want to build.” And, with your help, what a fantastic organization we have become.

After 3 consecutive INC 5000 awards, 7 kinds of office coffee, and over 50 unique clients in these last 5 years, the executive team we have on board understands we needed to find a partner to achieve the kind of strategic growth that would keep our community vibrant. In our search for a partner to expand our future, we knew we found a fit in our first meeting with Globant. Our messaging aligned, our vision of the future aligned, and do you know how they described their culture? “At Globant, we are like a family.” Globant has proven they see what is special in PointSource, and they want to foster and enable our growth by giving us the ability to scale.

PointSource will still remain PointSource, providing services across our digital transformation framework’s 8 components, located primarily in our Raleigh and Chicago offices. Organized into a studio model, Globant offers a greater breadth of services, from game theory to big data to cloud devops services. In addition to the studios, Globant’s multiple locations in the US and across the globe, with nearly 6,000 employees worldwide, open up new avenues for us to build robust solutions at scale.

The future can never come soon enough when you are working with curious and eager souls. The opportunity that Globant is bringing to expand our PointSource story makes us all even more excited about what the future holds. #listentoyourweird

-Stephanie Trunzo

For more information please read the press release here.


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