Supply Chain Tip Sheet Featured
May 25, 2017

Supply Chain Tip Sheet

Real-time data and information at every step of the supply chain is crucial to the success of the customer receiving the right item in a timely manner. But the combination of outdated technology and a disparate user base that is geographically dispersed can make it difficult for supply chain organizations to deliver on their company’s promises.

Less than half of supply chain companies (44 percent) strongly believe that users can access information when and where they need it. Supply chain companies often cover vast geographies, from having multiple warehouses within the same city to outsourcing part manufacturing to multiple countries. With many disparate users, supply chain companies require technologies that allow users to access information from anywhere, at any time. This should include the ability to upload information remotely, use mobile devices to share photos or scan barcodes, and even access the information offline.

This supply chain tip sheet highlights some of the most critical data points for the supply chain industry, sourced from industry leaders surveyed for the 2017 Executing Digital Transformation Study.

Download (PDF, 75KB)


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