Morgan Moore
Morgan Moore
August 9, 2016

The Business Value of UX Design

Opportunities for building delightful user experiences arise when a project’s business goals intersect with the users’ needs. Sentiment analysis and analytics have proven the importance of a sound UX strategy and the benefits for your organization’s digital experience. Our infographic on the business value of UX design highlights some of those key stats. View the full infographic below.

Ignoring the user experience or getting it wrong is costly. Applying UX up front is much more cost effective and will save your organization money down the line. Imagine designing and developing a digital experience without acknowledging UX, only to learn after launch that the page flows are confusing and the interface is not intuitive. Fixing a UX error after development is up to 100 times more expensive than it would have been before development.

What is the value of user experience design?

Investing in effective UX improves conversion rates and increases revenue. With so many digital options available to users, your organization’s experience needs to be top notch to be competitive–61% of users will move to another site if they don’t find what they are looking for right away. Additionally, optimizing your site for mobile is more important than ever. Statistics show that 67% of customers are more likely to purchase on mobile friendly sites.

UX design adds immense value to an organization both financially and as a way to set your organization apart. Embracing good user experiences can be a key differentiator. A bad experience will turn 40% of your customers away to the competition. On the other hand, a good experience will keep your customers loyal–15.8% are less likely to switch brands when there is a good user experience.

Your organization’s digital experience can be transformed thoroughly and effectively when UX design is applied.

For a PDF of the infographic, click here.

The Business Value of UX Design


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