February 9, 2015

Why We Love Mobile

With Valentine’s Day a few days away we thought it appropriate to proclaim our love for mobile in the public forum of this blog for the whole world to witness. We asked 14 members of our team to tell us why they love mobile in a few sentences. The responses… well, they are as diverse and fun as our PointSource family.

Erik Burckart – I love that mobile is an always available personal assistant allowing you to always find something, never miss a moment, avoid being stranded, and handle emergencies. It keeps me connected to everything in life; loved ones, my home, my schedule, and my work.

Stephanie Trunzo – It hurt my back to carry around a giant CPU.

Sean Kennedy – Mobile is fun and exciting – it’s the expression and combination of the leading edges of so many disciplines: hardware and software; physical, visual, and interaction design; physical infrastructure and virtual services – but those aren’t really why mobile is fun and exciting. What makes mobile fun and exciting, and why I love it, is how it is changing the daily lives of people all around the world by connecting us to each other; to our collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom; and to our personal data, whenever and wherever we need or want it.

Briana Frank – I love being able to read, shop, connect with friends and answer any random question that pops into my head no matter where I am. I love mobile when it makes my life easier.

Aaron Shook – My favorite thing about mobile is trips to the local donation center. The feeling of waving goodbye to a number of items and replacing them with one do-it-all device is very liberating; from my mp3 player to my DVD player, my Canon digital camera to my paper reminder book, my George-Costanza wallet to my Sony alarm clock, my checkbook to my flatbed scanner, my golf GPS unit to car GPS unit, my portable Playstation gaming system to my… need I go on? My condo just got a lot less cluttered.

JM Huret – I love that I no longer have to lug my desktop computer with me everywhere! I have much less back pain now.

Adam Organ – Access to everything all the time!! Social, email, music, finances, shopping and games are all in my pocket everywhere I go.

Jake Mickley – I love the personalized experience mobile gives me every day and the way it makes me feel connected. It offers a private view for personal, entertainment and professional life to balance the right amount of information. As a person who takes great satisfaction in efficient use of time, I am constantly happy at what I can accomplish with my mobile device.

Susan Peich – I love being able to show my boarding pass from my phone. That, and movie passes. For me, mobile is convenience.

Kristin McPeak – I love the challenges that mobile presents to us as designers. Small screens and short attention spans force us to hone in on the most critical content, design elements, and interaction patterns. There isn’t a single pixel leftover for the superfluous.

Patrick Wolf – I love that mobile makes me a savvy shopper. At the grocery store I can compare products and find recipes based on items that are on sale. It makes cooking the perfect Valentine’s meal cheap and easy, with money left over for roses.

John Romano – Mobile is an incredibly intimate technology. Did you ever sleep with your desktop on your nightstand or take your laptop on a date? (Please say “no.”) Designing for such a familiar object requires respect and responsibility – the kind that stays with you to the morning.

John Cammarata – I love mobile because it is easy to engage with family, friends, and clients.

Aditya Desai – The knowledge base it provides with the internet at my fingertips, literally, allows me to get instant answers when I have questions.

Happy Valentine’s Day mobile. We love your infinite capabilities and possibilities.


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