Increased Site Traffic, Conversion Rates,
Revenue, and Overall Performance


Expand the mobile footprint.

h.h.gregg needed to expand its mobile storefront into a fully functioning e-commerce website to attract and retain customers who think mobile first. The company partnered with us to create an engaging and industry-leading mobile commerce customer experience.

“Mobile is a leader, not a follower.”

Kevin Lyons
Senior Vice President of e-Commerce, h.h.gregg


Solution - The first of its kind.

The first of its kind.

The right technology choices and agile development approach provide the foundation for scalable, future-proofed architecture. The strategic approach to address h.h.gregg’s mobile needs accounted for an app during the design and development of the mobile website, using a single-page app (SPA) architecture to ensure industry leading performance and speed.

  • The app leveraged hybrid technology to enable rapid deployments using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CS
  • The attractive and intelligently designed mobile website provides desktop checkout functionality on a mobile-friendly SPA to reduce data usage, thereby also significantly reducing page load times
  • The approach enabled us to fully mirror the mobile website’s user experience for standard features in the app and focus development time on platform-specific and purpose-driven features that add value to the customer

“Mobile is a leader, not a follower.”

Kevin Lyons
Senior Vice President of e-Commerce, h.h.gregg

Site Traffic

Site Traffic

Revenue Increase


Site Performance Increase

Site Performance

Conversion Rate Increase

Conversion Rate


Quick to launch, quick to succeed.

  • Prototype was completed in one week and ready to launch in less than four months
  • Mobile site absorbed record levels of holiday traffic with lightning-fast response times
  • Site traffic increased 70%
  • Revenue increased 80%
  • Site performance improved, with home page load time reduced to one or two seconds
  • Optimized checkout process increased conversion rates 30%
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