Our Own Digital
Has Been Brewing
For Years.

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Take it to go.

We opened our doors in 2004 as an IT consulting firm based in Florida at a time when enterprise transformation was ruled by the disruption of the internet and modernization of business process through the web. Want a cup of coffee? There’s a place down the street. Two years later, the start of the mobile revolution got us thinking about the impact of digital channels on our enterprise clients.

Chapter 1: Take it to go.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Fill it to the brim.

2012 brought a new focus on enterprise mobility. The world saw an explosion of devices from iPads to the first forays into wearable tech. We were inspired to make the first of many pivots to meet the changing demands of the IT market.  We opened the doors to our first Raleigh office with a small team of technologists.

After adding a design and delivery organization, we upgraded to our own pour over coffee – way before it became a thing. Before we knew it, we were bursting at the seams of our small office. We had expanded to 30 staffers and added clients like H. H. Gregg and Allstate Dealer Services.

Chapter 2: Fill it to the brim.

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Going hi-tech.

Our growth and focus on enterprise mobility continued in 2014. We moved to bigger digs to accommodate our growing team and added a push-button pod coffee machine to satisfy their growing caffeine addiction. That year was also the start of the PointSource mug collection. For the crema on top, PointSource was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private businesses, and we saw our name in WSJ for the first time. Business was buzzing.

Chapter 3: Going hi-tech.

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Fresh-ground and custom-blended.

In 2015, the list of interaction channels and mediums expanded with voice recognition, Internet of Things, and cognitive. We earned the IBM Beacon Award for Best Mobile Solution amongst adding many other awards to our shelf. We moved, again, to our current Headquarters with an expanded team of digital transformation experts, more than tripling our team size. Our new café featured fresh grind brewers with blends from a local roaster. And we made a repeat appearance on the Inc. 5000.

This year has seen it’s fair share of milestones as well. We made a three-peat appearance on the Inc. 5000, took home a second IBM Beacon award, and our second Platinum Hermes Creative Award. At the heart of the business, we continue to serve up a dedication to our clients and their digital transformation, just like we did in 2004.  Oh yeah, we also debuted our custom PointSource coffee blend.

Chapter 4: Fresh-ground and custom-blended.

In Conclusion…

If you’re unsure about how to kickstart your own digital transformation, you might want to start by transforming your office coffee situation.

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